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Drum & Percussion Month

Valid May 1, 2019 – May 31, 2019
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Mapex Armory 6 PIECE BIRCH/MAPLE SHELL PACK – 22" BD, 10" RT, 12" RT, 14" FT, 16" FT, 14" SD - Redwood Burst
Mapex Armory 6 PIECE BIRCH/MAPLE SHELL PACK – 22" BD, 10" RT, 12" RT, 14" FT, 16" FT, 14" SD - Emerald Burst
Mapex Tornado Rock Drum Set in Burgundy 5 PIECE KIT – 22" BD, 10" RT, 12" RT, 16" FT, 14" SD
Tama Imperialstar 6-Piece Drum Outfit - Black Oak Wrap
External Sub Muff'l Bass Drum System - 22"
5 PIECE 100% BIRCH KIT – 22" BD, 10" RT, 12" RT, 16" FT, 14" SD - Piano Black
Mapex Mars Single Pedal
Sonor AQ1 Studio
DTX502 Series Electronic Drum Kit w/Hi-Hat Stand
Yamaha Stage Custom
DW 3000 Series Single Pedal W/Double Chain
Alesis Surge Mesh Kit - 8-Piece Compact Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads
Roland TD-1DMK Double-Mesh Head Electronic Drum Kit
DTX502 Series Electronic Drum Kit w/Hi-Hat Stand
DW 3000 Series Single Pedal W/Double Chain
Alesis Strike MultiPad
Roland ELCajon Mic Processor
Roland TM-1 Trigger Module
Vic Firth SiH2 Stereo Isolation Headphones
Pearl EM1 malletSTATION Controller
Tune-bot "Studio" Drum Tuner
Planet Waves Pacato Hearing Protection
Mapex MPX Maple Snare
Pearl Modern Utility 14x6.5 Steel Snare Drum
Drum Workshop Black Nickel Over Brass Snare - 6.5x14
Ludwig Heirloom Brass Snare Drum 5.5x14''
Drum Workshop 6.5x14" 12-ply Exotic Snare - vertical ply, clear redwood finish
Zildjian A Custom 16 Inch Crash
Meinl Mike Johnston Byzance Cymbal Pack 14" Hh, 20" C, 21" R + Free 18"C
Sabian "XSR Commuter Pack 13" HH, 14" C, 18" R"
Sabian AAX-Xplosion Pack
Rouge Valley Cymbal Bag 100 Series
Rouge Valley CYMBAL BAG 200 SERIES
Tama Powerpad Designer Cymbal Bag - Black
Tama Powerpad Designer Cymbal Bag - Wine Red
Mapex Mars Snare Stand - Chrome
Yamaha CS3 Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Cymbal Stand
Pearl B-50 Roadshow Boom Cymbal Stand
Tama Stage Master Boom Stand w/Double Braced Legs
Mapex Armory Boom Stand - Chrome
Pearl 790 Series Drum Throne
Mapex T570 - Double Braced Drum Throne
Drum Workshop Heavy Duty Drum Throne
Granite Percussion 8" Rubberized Practice Pad
ProLogix 8" Double-Sided Practice Pad - Green/Blue
Rtom Moongel Damper Pads (6 pcs) - Clear
Vater Grip Tape - Black
Tama Powerpad Designer Stick Bag - Blue Denim
Tama Powerpad Designer Stick Bag - Black Denim
Promark Everyday Stick Bag
Rouge Valley Drum Hardware Bag, 300 Series
Meinl E-Drum Rug
Ahead 78 "x62" Standard Drum Mat
Los Cabos Drumsticks Clean Sweep Nylon Brush with Wooden Handle
Vic Firth Orchestral Series Keyboard Mallet - Medium
Vic Firth T1 American Custom Timpani Mallets - General
Los Cabos Red Hickory
Vater VH7AW - Manhattan 7A Wood Tip
Vater VH5AW - 5A Los Angeles Wood Tip
Vic Firth American Classic - 5A Pure Grit
Los Cabos Drumsticks Multi Stick 3A Tip/Mallet End
Los Cabos Drumsticks Multi Rod Sticks
Los Cabos Drumsticks 5A 4-Pack of Sticks - 1x Red Hickory pair, 3x White Hickory Pairs
Promark 4 for 3 Pack - (3) 5A Oval Tip Sticks with Free Pair 5A Rebound Sticks
Waltons Traditional 18" Bodhran - Players Pack
Meinl Jam Cajon - Brown
Granite Percussion Deluxe Cajon w/ Carry Bag
Granite Percussion 7-inch All Metal Cowbell - Black
Black Swamp 6 Inch Artisan Triangle, Steel
Doon Deluxe Tabla Set, Nickel Plated Brass
Meinl Synthetic S-Shape Didgeridoo - Black
African Drums African Djembe XL
Granite Percussion 6 & 7 -inch bongo set - Natural Finish
Meinl Headliner 10" Conga With Basket Stand
Meinl Headliner 11" Conga w/ Basket Stand - Super Natural Finish
Meinl Free Ride Series Bongo 6 3/4 & 8 inch, Antique Tobacco Burst
Granite Percussion Half-moon Plastic Tambourine - Black
Meinl Soft Ching Ring
Meinl Double Row Tambourine Nickle/Brass - Walnut
Granite Percussion Mini Wooden Agogo 6.5
Black Swamp Medium Woodblock
Meinl Luis Conte Shaker, Medium - White
Granite Percussion Large Scale Maraca-10 in. Floral
Meinl Traditional Rawhide Maracas
Black Swamp Grenadillo Castanets On Handle
Mapex MPK32P Education Bell Kit
Djembe M/L/Xl
Traynor 10''/200 watt Combo Drum Amp
Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module
Mapex Tornado
Roland TD-17K-L Electronic Drum Kit w/MDS-COM Stand
Rent a Mapex Storm Kit
Air Drum Contest
Long & McQuade Insider
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